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Who is NTK?

Do you know the culture?

Noethekulcha was birthed out of the frustrations of inequality and overlooked issues faced by minorities and the factionalism with in them.    

It will also be a masterpiece of musical influence, where music meets culture and how sound shapes society. With our music mixes we want to piece together society through this medium, as it has done so for generations.   

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Who is CJLO?

CJLO is the official campus and community radio station for Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec and is operated almost entirely by its volunteer membership. The station broadcasts from the Loyola campus, and it can be heard at 1690 AM in Montreal, iTunes radio in the College/University category, the CJLO mobile app, or on the CJLO website.

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Who is
Prince Rara?

Growing up in a small city near the white sandy beaches and the blue skies of Australia - I knew there was something more out there than just that. I was always in tune with my strong South African heritage and traditions - my musical palette was formed from this and I always dreamt of an outlet to showcase my vision. 


I allways had dreams of being in the big cities of North America and as a kid growing up watching Geraldo, Jenny Jones, Ricky Lake then Jerry Springer – I always loved talk shows in combination with my love of music. It was a perfect marriage - presenting and the love of sound. Throughout the years I have volunteered in many studios from breakfast TV and community radio. I want to continue and build this passion for presenting whilst also connecting the Montreal community which is thriving with creative people! So here I am.

Who is On a Roll Records?

On A Roll Records is a record label dedicated to helping talented hard-working musicians by covering all production, marketing, and distribution needed to thrive.


We believe there are just too many extraordinary talents going to waste due to the extra hassles and full-time responsibilities that come hand in hand in the business. 




NoetheKulcha Radio accepts new song submissions via email ONLY.  Mp3/WAV/MP4 files accepted, E-mail them to Download links are not acceptable forms of submission. NoetheKulcha is a non-profit radio initiative.


With regard to musical work performance rights for our stations, NoetheKulcha radio does not hold non-dramatic public performance licenses with ASCAP. The use of the song(s) is not intended/will not be used for profit by NoetheKulcha, nor illegally copying or distributing a song(s). However the song(s) will be played and maybe remixed/styled for the purpose of the proposed curated mix.

Website Disclaimer

The information provided by NoetheKulcha ("we", "us" or "our") on NoetheKulcha (the "Site") is for the general informational purposes only. All information on the site including "uploading links" is provided in good faith, however we make representation of warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability or completeness of any information on the site.   

Last updated march 09, 2021

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